Techversation blog: the journey begins

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We are very excited to present Techversation blog, a place for high-quality and comprehensive information easily accessible for all audiences interested in information technology and tech career-related knowledge. Techversation will cover the latest technology-related updates, trends, and direction of the global tech industry to stay informed and make decisions based on data and sound guidance. We hope this information and advice will help motivate individuals in career progression, learning new skills, and increasing understanding about general and niche technology areas. Techversation will also present real-world applied knowledge gained from working in global tech development projects and world-renowned technology organizations. The writings will be friendly for beginners who want to start their career in tech to get a clear idea about the tech sector as well as intermediate or advanced audiences to refine their skills or help increase their knowledge for career progression.

Techversation will generally cover the following topics:

  • Career Development
  • Product development
  • UX Design
  • Embedded Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Sneak Peek of Techversation titles

Each of these categories covers many exciting and interactive areas enriched with the latest information and knowledge from real-world contexts and first-hand experience from the industry.

We are giving you some sneak peeks to raise your curiosity about the type of posts you can expect. The Career Development category will contain blogs like tips and guidance for successful job interviews, Top companies to work for, Resume writing tips, Skills needed for career success, etc. The design category will cover topics like the Most popular design tools, design career insights in tech, social media design, and UX and UI design aspects.

Product development cover topics like best practices and strategies for product, marketing plan, Customer Satisfaction, etc. This category discusses developing technical products based on customer feedback, Things customers should do for product development, etc. The project management category contains topics like project management resume, agile software development, PM processes and phases, project management tools, techniques, software, etc. This category focuses on project managers and people interested in building a career in project management. It contains blogs that will work as a guideline for every current and aspiring project managers.

In the categories of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Embedded Engineering you will see data analysis methods and techniques, software development technologies, embedded testing, software testing, current and potential future of AI, and many more.

We hope the information we present over the coming weeks, months, and years will bring tremendous value to our audience. If this information helps you achieve your desired goals in the tech industry, then the blog’s purpose will be achieved. We are committed to this cause and will keep you updated. So keep an eye on the blog site, engage in the conversation, and share your knowledge in the comment or write directly to us. Also, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook to get updates as soon as a new post is published.

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