A Designer Career in Tech

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Are you considering a designer career in technology but need clarification on which position would be ideal for you or how to begin preparing for it? Don’t worry. We got your back!

Creating innovative, technology-based solutions to current challenges is a key component of a career in design and technology. This might entail everything from developing cutting-edge video games to producing useful yet aesthetically pleasing indoor living areas. In addition, you can discover more design and technology-related professions that match your interests and abilities as technology develops. This article explores 15 occupations in the design and technology industry and explains why you should consider doing so.

Web Developer/Designer Career

A web developer’s responsibility is to design a website according to a client’s requirements, considering the site’s overall aesthetic, functionality, and features. Depending on the business, one person (the web developer) may frequently write the actual code while another person (the web designer), using tools like Photoshop, will create the actual site design. It’s not always the case like that. Sometimes the entire procedure is grouped under the position title of a web developer (or web designer). In this position, you would leverage your technical expertise to finish the entire site, from creating the HTML and CSS to modifying the visuals that give it its final appearance. 

Graphics Designer Career

For brands or businesses, graphic designers make graphics, typefaces, and printed materials. In addition, designing logos, product packaging, websites, marketing materials, and anything else that needs visual components is frequently necessary. Graphic designers, like web designers, can either work full-time for an organization or as independent contractors..

UI/UX Designer Career

The quality of an app (or website) depends on who designed it. Therefore, user interface designers strongly emphasize aesthetics when they build visual designs and interfaces for websites or mobile apps. In addition, they collaborate closely with user experience designers, who integrate a website’s or mobile app’s functions and design components to produce the optimum user experience.

Although these roles are distinct, they frequently collaborate and, like web developers and designers, can have their tasks consolidated under a single job title. That puts a lot of tension on you, but you’ll handle it well. One person is responsible for overseeing the whole user experience. 

Interactive Design Career

A website’s structure, interaction, and navigation are all aspects of the bespoke interactive web designs that interactive designers create. In addition, you may create logos, emails, social media accounts, and anything else that would be seen as interactive for a brand as an interactive designer.

Game Designer Career

Video games have never been out of vogue since they were first created. As technology advances, games may be played on various platforms, including portable gaming consoles, desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and more. Even the most frequent gamer can find a dozen new games to play weekly, thanks mainly to social media’s powerful marketing capabilities.

As a game designer, you would be in charge of developing a game’s core. You would define a theme, write a ruleset, create characters and narrative arcs as needed, and customize the environment for the players. You can use your writing skills in some instances by developing a conversation for the game’s characters. As a game designer, you are often not expected to write any actual code or do any programming. Instead, you would be in charge of solving puzzles, acting rapidly, and foreseeing what other players could do in the game and how those actions would affect the game’s result. It would use your creative muscles in a demanding, quick-paced setting.

Animator/Multimedia Artist Career

Animation is the pinnacle of technology and design, making it another logical pick. For this position, you must have a good command of classical drawing and art principles and a firm comprehension of technology. Multimedia artists specializing in animation produce anything from visual effects to advertisements, games, and more! It is predicted that the employment market for animators will grow significantly over the next ten years due to evergrowing popularity of multimedia content in the social media and also in the virtual reality.

Mobile Designer

Recall how we discussed mobile design’s user interface and user experience. After a mobile designer has established the first foundation for a new app, those individuals perform their magic. Designing responsive, attractive, and simple-to-use mobile applications for usage on tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices falls to mobile designers. Given that so many people use their mobile devices for work, it is your responsibility as a mobile designer to understand what users need to make their everyday life more effective. Alternatively, you may build applications that keep users’ minds active and busy while they’re not at work to improve the enjoyment and intrigue of their everyday life. As our portable technology becomes smaller and smarter, the market for mobile designers continues to grow. Therefore you must constantly be on your toes and prepared to adapt.

Sound Engineer

Sound engineers handle the mechanical and technical facets of audio. A sound engineer’s typical duties include sound recording, mixing, reproduction, sound quality control, volume level regulation, microphone setup, and maintenance and upkeep of audio equipment.

Product Designer Career

Let’s face it: you aren’t going to choose a product off the shelf if the packaging is unsightly, cumbersome, or aimed at someone other than you. With the prevalence of internet shopping nowadays, it is difficult to convince customers to visit physical businesses to make purchases. However, some individuals (like myself) still enter Target, get sidetracked by the eye-catching colors and cute packaging, and leave having spent $70 more than they had intended.

Designers of products and packaging perfect their skills to entice customers and use their designs to persuade them to spend money. For this work, you must have artistic talent, assembly experience, and trend knowledge. Since online shopping is so widespread and offers so many possibilities, how you show a product digitally significantly impacts sales. This is another specialization in the employment market. The field is expected to have only a three percent increase in employment opportunities over the following ten years, making it extremely competitive.

Interior Designer Career

To build aesthetically appealing living and working places, interior designers draw on their knowledge of architecture, design, and construction techniques. In addition, they work with outside contractors to create safe and useful interior spaces as they participate in the building and remodeling of houses and businesses.

Visual Designer Career

Quick! List the top 10 logos for businesses that you can remember. Now think about how you might make those logos better. Would you alter the text’s color or font? Change a symbol or two here and there? Visual designers must combine their aesthetic viewpoint with technology to create concepts for anything from logos and product designs to brochures, ads, and even websites. Visual designers use programs like the Adobe Creative Suite to create designs and illustrations that their clients may use for recognizable branding. Most visual designers are self-employed or freelancers and employment are currently stagnating, but don’t panic – visual design is a fantastic starting point for any job and also makes an excellent side hustle for when you need a little additional cash flow.

Industrial Designer Career

Industrial designers create innovative ideas for produced goods, including furniture, toys, vehicles, and household appliances. Meeting with customers, looking into possible goods, drawing concepts, making virtual models, and producing prototypes are all works that fall within the purview of an industrial designer. They must also examine the general operation of the device and assess its safety.

Augmented Reality Designer Career

You’ve probably heard of Pokemon Go, a smartphone application from Niantic unless you’ve been living under a rock. If you’ve used it, you’re aware that the software places the Pokemon virtual world in the actual one. Users may go “Pokemon hunting” in their communities, gather supplies in real-world locales, and even take pictures of Jigglypuffs and Eevees at their favorite restaurants. However, Pokemon Go only partly utilizes the promise of augmented reality, a fast-expanding sector. Jobs will expand as these technologies develop and become more prevalent. An augmented reality designer’s mission is to blend the virtual and real worlds perfectly to provide the consumer with an unmatched experience. Beyond entertainment and games, may adapt this technology for uses in fields like education and medicine. 


A career in tech design is a great choice for those who want to combine their creative skills with the latest technology. From creating user interfaces to developing mobile apps, tech designers have a wide range of options for creative expression. With the ever-growing demand for tech designers, there is no shortage of opportunities for those interested in this field. In addition, tech designers can have a major impact on the success of tech-related companies, products, and services. Therefore, for those who are creative, tech-savvy, and have a passion for design, a career in tech design could be a great choice.

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